In the past two issues of this newsletter, I introduced what I believe to be the true missing link to cancer healing (healing the immune system) called PIOH. This is short for Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotoning. I believe it to be a true miracle for those suffering from any malady – especially cancer.
You’ve heard me say that “the proof is in the pudding.” Actually, if you’ve read my book you know that I got that from my Great Hakawi Grandmother. Once again, this adage has proven to be true. While no one thing – or even a combination of things – can be said to cure cancer, the human immune system will if you give it half a chance. That’s exactly what PIOH, the right kind of water, and supplements that literally overwhelm the body with nutrition will do. And the stories and testimonies are beginning to stack up.
About three and a half weeks ago I visited a young man (27 years old) and his family who had called and almost begged me to come out and help him. When I got there on a Sunday afternoon, he was curled up in the fetal position on the living room floor with a blanket around him. He was very sick. His diagnosis was adenocarcinoma and he had already undergone many chemo treatments. In fact, in desperation, the doctors had opened up his body cavity and actually “poured” the chemo in. Of course, it made no difference – just made him sicker.
He was taking the oral chemotherapy, 5-FU, when I came to visit. He managed to get to the table and listen for about 10 minutes until he had to head for the bathroom and throw up. His young wife, cradling their 13 day old baby, continued to converse with me as did Mom and Dad. He returned a while later but just curled up on the couch and slept. The family was willing to try something different as nothing was working and he was just getting sicker. Sincerely, he looked to me like he was on his way out.
We added a protocol of supplements, foods, the right kind of ionized water, and PIOH treatments in order to help boost the immune system in an attempt to restore the ability to destroy the cancer. He did not look (at that time) even well enough to travel anywhere. The family had to cancel a flight to see another doctor as he was unable to fly. It did not seem that he would be strong enough to undergo any treatments.
He decided to fight for his life. He started the food, water, and supplement protocols immediately. They helped. I worked with them via email for a couple of weeks before I went on the road for speaking engagements. Upon returning, I went to our PIOH specialist to have a treatment myself. Guess who was coming out as I went in? You guessed it. I simply could not believe my eyes. The young man who had appeared to be dying a mere 3-4 weeks previously, had just finished his fifth PIOH treatment. He grabbed my hand and nearly ripped it off as he shook it. He was full of life and looking forward to a long one. He felt great and his body is on its way to healing.
No one can say for sure what the future will hold. He has been so drugged and medicated, so cut-up – that it seemed like his chances would be very slim for recovery. I must exclaim, however, that he looked amazingly great when I last saw him and he was continuing with his program.
This is what can happen when you do the right thing for the immune system, stay the course, and take it seriously. People heal every day when they give the body what it needs to survive and thrive. We know what that is – now, so does this young man.
If you are interested in these PIOH treatments (and you should be), please email us at and we will put you in touch with our specialist. It may well be the best decision you have ever made. ♦

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